Batting Last

25 May

Little League is a big deal in the community I live in.  More so than any other place I’ve lived in.

So, basically, baseball stories carry a lot of weight around here.
If you can relate a lesson or a teaching moment to the baseball diamond, you’ve got everyone’s attention.

I have a friend who’s son bats last on his little league team.  The coach doesn’t rotate the batting order and so, for his entire season, this 1st grader knows that each game he’ll only have 2 at bats.  In the coach’s mind, giving this kid two at bats each game minimizes the chances he has to fail.  Striking out 3 times, in this line of thought, is far worse than only striking out twice.

The 1st grader, on the other hand, feels that much more pressure at each at bat because he knows this chance won’t come again soon.

Many of us in Children’s Ministry share the same experience as that little boy.  If we’re lucky, we’ll have a few times during the year when we can sprint away from our kids’ program on a Sunday morning to catch a look at the Adult Worship Service.  Those of us with willing pastors may even have a chance now and then to speak in front of the crowd and cast vision for the work we’re a part of.
But, like my 1st grade friend, our at bats are limited.

This has driven many of us to search out creative ways to cast vision for the church we’re a part of.

Some of us show video testimonies and promotional clips in adult worship services, highlighting Children’s Ministry.
Others have learned to multiply the impact we have with our adult congregants getting involved in areas outside of Sunday morning.

I want to share with you some of the ways I’m ensuring I get more “at bats” with the adults in our congregation, but I’d love to hear from you first.

What are some ways you cast vision for your church?

Use the comments section below to share some creative ways you’re getting your message to the ears of your congregation!

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