Thank You, Come Again!

30 May

I spent a good part of yesterday putting together a list of those who’ve served in Children’s Ministry at our church in the last couple of years but aren’t currently on a ministry team.

My initial list is about 40 names long.

That tells me that there are 40 people out there who know our ministry’s policies and proceedures and, with a refresher training course, could jump right back into a lead role on one of our teams.

I’ve sent this list out to others on staff to begin finding out if the people on my list are now serving elsewhere in the church, or if they’re just waiting on the sidelines – ready to jump back in the game!

How often do you track down those who are no longer serving in your area of ministry?  Do you stay in regular contact with team members who “needed a break” and are now hanging out on the fringe?  Anyone want to take the over/under on us adding 8 of these leaders (20%) back onto a Children’s Ministry team?!

Add your thoughts to the comments section!


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2 responses to “Thank You, Come Again!

  1. Andy Darnell

    May 30, 2009 at 10:33 am

    Nice reminder of something to do . Anthony, can you give me a picture of your children’s ministry? Kids to Worker ratio? Do you consider preschool age in that children’s group?


    • Anthony Prince

      May 30, 2009 at 11:14 am

      I provide oversight for all church programs that impact children from Nursery – 5th grade.
      We run 4 weekend services, a full children’s ministry (N-5th) midweek program on campus, Multiple midweek Early Childhood (N-PreK) programs, 2 midweek programs in local elementary (K-5th) schools, and a few other special events throughout the year.

      With regard to our ratios, we stick to Section 18290 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations for Child Care centers.
      That is, our Nursery is 1:2 (< 8 months) or 1:3 (8-18mo); Toddlers are 1:4 (18mo-3yrs); Preschool is 1:6 (3yrs-Pre-K); K is 1:8.
      Those are our base numbers for Early Childhood… we then have extra Jr. Assistants in each classroom (5th grade-16yrs) that don't factor into our ratios. Those Jr. Assistants must also be actively involved in their own age appropriate program in order to be eligible to serve (in the same way that we require our adult leaders to be actively involved in adult worship services in order to be eligible to serve in children's ministry).
      Our Elementary program tries to keep a 1:8 maximum ratio for small group break outs. Those numbers ignore any special needs "buddies" that may be placed with children who need some extra care during our programs.

      We, by no means, have everything figured out.
      But, that’s where we’re at right now.



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