Orange Recap: The Volunteer Dilemma

16 Jun

How About Orange

Here we are, months later, and I’m finally able to recap some of my take-aways from The Orange Conference I attended in early April.
It’s partly because I wanted to put some of what I learned into practice before I shared some of the great things I heard while in Atlanta.
It’s also partly because I lost my notes and my wife found them a couple days ago.

The Volunteer Dilemma was a pre conference break out hosted by Diane Runge.
Here’s what the conference said about this session:

“I don’t have enough volunteers” This is the #1 item on the Most Challenging list in the minds of children’s and student ministry leaders. In this breakout, Diane Runge, a former family ministry director, who built her programs with nothing but volunteer teams, will share her magnet and glue secrets so that everyone attending will go home with a specific strategy of practical ideas to enlist and keep incredible volunteers.

For a great recap of EVERYTHING that was said during the session, check out Pastor Chris Szulwach’s fantastic summary here.

Personally, I loved the focus on identifying our ministry’s vision and the call to communicate that vision in a clear and compelling way.
As I often say, great ideas don’t sell themselves… and I think that applies to vision as well.
I believe that you can have the most amazing vision for your ministry, but if it’s not clearly presented in an engaging and compelling way, your team will not buy in, your parents will not buy in and, without that, your ministry will not thrive.

Further, I believe that a ministry with a clearly communicated and compelling vision will not have problems building and maintaining a volunteer team.

If you’re not sure that you’re effectively communicating the vision of your ministry, have your team answer these questions:

  • What is the vision for our ministry?
  • Are we actively seeking to communicate the vision of our ministry Convincingly, Creatively, and Continuously?
  • Are we creatively using audio and video to communicate our vision?
  • Do our ministry environments reflect the vision of our ministry?
  • Are we using events (for families and/or team members) to communicate the vision of our ministry?
  • If asked, can our senior pastor communicate the vision for our ministry?

Are there questions you’d add or remove from this list?
Any other insights into casting vision for your team?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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