Orange Recap: Training Events for Small Group Leaders

17 Jun

How About Orange

Here we are, months later, and I’m finally able to recap some of my take-aways from The Orange Conference I attended in early April.
It’s partly because I wanted to put some of what I learned into practice before I shared some of the great things I heard while in Atlanta.
It’s also partly because I lost my notes and my wife found them a couple days ago.

Training Events for Small Group Leaders was a pre conference break out hosted by Autumn and Chad Ward.
Here’s what the conference said about this session:

Does the back door to your family ministry seem much larger than the front door? Do you spend more time recruiting than you do investing in your volunteers? Join two church leaders who, in very practical ways, are learning how to make that back door less appealing. This breakout will focus on vision casting, skill training, and strategic celebrations as tools you can use to enable your volunteers to stick it out for the long run.

For a great recap of the notes handed out for the session, check out Chad Swanzy’s GREAT summary here.

My big takeaway from this discussion was the idea of making a BIG DEAL out of training events for our volunteer teams.
Too many times we gather our people together to say thank you and we forget to make them feel loved and equipped.

If your team is excited to serve, there’s a better chance that they’re investing everything they’ve got into the ministry they’ve been called to.

So, how do you get them so excited that they’re inviting their friends to serve alongside them?
I’ll offer three thoughts:

  • Let them share stories
    Gina McClain has some encouraging words about the importance of hearing stories from the kids we serve.  How powerful would it be if your leaders not only heard these stories but shared them with the rest of the team.  If you team knows it’s making a difference, there’s a bigger chance your team members’ excitement will be contagious.
  • Remind them of the vision
    Remember yesterday’s post about casting vision?  No…? Well, go read it here.  Use team parties and award celebrations as a time to congratulate ministry role models and remind your team WHY they do what they do!  Team members who are equipped to cast vision for others are walking and breathing commercials for your ministry.
  • Show them how much they’re worth
    First of all, how much is a team member worth to you?
    $10? $20?  A cheesy $1.99 pen?
    Your leaders should walk away from training events knowing that you value them.  If they feel loved and equipped because you gave them a great dinner in an awesome setting and brought in a speaker to train and equip them, they’ll tell others about the ministry they’re involved in.  If all they get is a notepad and a stale cookie… well, they probably won’t be inviting their friends to serve alongside them anytime soon.

If you could add a fourth bullet point… what would it be?
Share your thoughts below!


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2 responses to “Orange Recap: Training Events for Small Group Leaders

  1. gina

    June 26, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Thanks for the plug.

    If there was a 4th bullet, I would add… Invest in them spiritually. Be equally as concerned with their spiritual development as you are their participation in your ministry. If their pursuit of Christ wanes, so will everything else.

    Great thoughts, Anthony. Glad your wife found your notes. 🙂


  2. Anthony Prince

    June 26, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Great addition!

    Have you posted on about how you focus on the spiritual development of your teams?
    I’d love to read your thoughts on this and if you have any tools or tips you could share with the rest of us…



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