She Still Calls Me Daddy (book review)

15 Jul

Fathers of daughters have their work cut out for them.
Raising a little girl, with the hope of one day passing her hand off to another man, is a task that doesn’t come with a manual.
Popular Bible teacher, speaker, and author Robert Wolgemuth realized this and decided to share his experience of walking his daughters down the aisle.

With my own daughter just a month away from entering the world, I decided that I should begin preparing myself now for the inevitable…

She Still Calls Me Daddy, written by best-selling author Robert Wolgemuth, offers a fantastic play-by-play for dads who, like me, will one day need tools and veteran insights to gracefully expand our families.

The author understands that not all men LOVE reading.  In light of that, this book reads much more like a friend sharing thoughts over dinner than an instructor teaching at a seminar.  Robert shares stories from his life to explain what he feels helped his family transition from his role of “daddy” to his two little girls to his role of father-in-law after his daughters walked down the aisle.

The book continues to use the analogy of a home renovation when talking about the reshaping of a father’s relationship to his married daughter.  No remodeling project is complete without a checklist of tasks to accomplish… which is why each chapter ends with a checklist summary of the author’s major points.  Humorous and touching stories of family and faith help carry the reader from one point to the next while equipping dads with the tools they’ll need to successfully navigate the transition to a new role in their daughter’s life.

Though this book is probably best for dad’s preparing to walk their daughter down the aisle soon, it is a great resource for dads (or mothers!) of girls of any age.

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