Top 10 Children’s Ministry Resources: #4 Curious George (DVD)

07 Aug

There’s only one DVD in my top 10… and it’s not the new VeggieTales video that just was just released.

Sorry, Big Idea… but church people are going to own your product whether they should or not.  You’re a given in our culture.

Instead, I want to point you to a little gem that you may or may not have watched when it was released in 2006… Curious George.

Curious George is a familiar character to most all of us.  But, the colors and visually stunning artwork in this theatrical release will flow off the screen and into the heart and mind of any Children’s Ministry leader looking to redesign or re-imagine their ministry environment.  The night after I watched this movie for the first time, I dreamed in colors I had never seen before.

This DVD now sits on my shelf as a resource for any team members who want to take on a decorating or design project.  After seeing the scenes below play out with color spilling off the screen, I’m not sure how anyone could not be impacted by this cute movie about a Curious monkey.

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