5 People to Meet in Twenty10: Sue Miller

25 Nov

Name: Sue Miller

Location: Cumming, GA

Website/Blog: None.  How is this possible?  On occasion, Sue guest posts here:

Claim to fame: (information provided by The Orange Conference)

Sue Miller joined The ReThink Group, Inc. in 2005. She and her family moved to the Atlanta area after 16 years of leading the Promiseland ministry at Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, Illinois. Her responsibilities included leading and directing a ministry that involved 3,000 children and 1,000 volunteers. Sue was instrumental in leading the change process that grew Promiseland into a cutting edge, contemporary children’s ministry. The story of how all that happened is told in her book, Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid’s Week.

Sue’s passion to reach unchurched children and grow them into fully devoted followers of Christ is absolutely contagious. She has travels extensively nationally and internationally motivating and inspiring church leaders and volunteers to raise the value of building effective ministries for kids. She is involved in mentoring other leaders, and often serves as a consultant for churches who want to take their children’s ministry to a new level.

Why We Care:

Do we need to say anything more than, “Promiseland”?
For those of us under 35, Sue helped shape the landscape of every Children’s Ministry  program we’ve ever inherited or joined forces with.  Before Think Orange, many of us would have considered Making Your Children’s Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid’s Week* our ministry Manefesto.

So, what made Sue transition away from the ministry that she was so instrumental in shaping?  At what point did she decide that leveraging her knowledge and experience to resource other leaders could make a bigger impact than what she was already doing?  If she truly cares about speaking into the current conversations revolving around the #kidmin community, where is her blog?  As someone who helped spearhead the last shift in Children’s Ministry, I want to hear from Sue as to where she thinks the church is heading next… what shifts do we need to make to stay relevant and engaging?

Also, I just want to bounce a couple ideas I have off of Sue.  I bet she’d listen.


What are your thoughts?  How has your ministry been shaped by what Sue and the Willow Creek team have done in Children’s Ministry over the past two decades?  If you could sit down with Sue for only 20 minutes, what would you make sure you talked about?  And, as always, if you have any contacts that might lead me in Sue’s direction, I fully expect you to let me know!


* Have you lived in a closet and never read this amazing resource by Sue?  Read it online for free by clicking here.  That’s right – free.  Thank me later for hunting this down.


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