5 People to Meet in Twenty10: Recap

27 Dec

Over the last few weeks, I’ve prayed over and listed out 5 people that I hope to meet and converse with in the next calendar year.  If I’m able to meet these 5 leaders/innovators  – to sit down and share a meal or cup of coffee – the way I serve/minister/lead/innovate should never be the same.

I truly believe that the cumulative voice of others in the Church-at-large should hold more weight than the voice in our head telling us how great our way of doing things is.   I’d hope that, when we all read that last line, we nod in agreement.  But, are you actively trying to add voices to the conversation?  Are you seeking out the opinion of others in ministry?  It’s one thing to read a blog or to follow Twitter updates… but are you actually reaching out to engage in conversation with others?

To recap, I’m hoping to meet up with and dialog with these 5 leaders in 2010…

Jim Wideman (
Phil Vischer (
Sue Miller (seriously… Sue Miller doesn’t have her own website?! She and I are going to have to talk about this.  In the meantime, check out
Christine Yount-Jones (
Rick Warren (

I’ll keep you updated on how this goes.


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