Orange Week: Leverage Influence

21 Jan


Saving the universe is always a team effort

If you serve in children’s ministry, you cannot afford to glance over today’s #OrangeWeek concept: Leverage Influence.

One of the major themes behind the idea of leveraging impact is getting students involved in the mission, not just being the mission.  The endgame is not merely passing the faith on to the next generation… it’s equipping them to pass the faith on to the generation that comes after them.  We’re not giving students and children tickets for the heaven train and asking them to wait for its arrival.  Instead, we’re called to wrap them into the great commission, that they might own their faith in such a way that they pass it on to others.

If you want to geek out on a church that has integrated its strategy across the board when it comes to getting children and students plugged into service, check out Dan Scott’s post Orange Week: Leverage Influence.

We’ve seen students take a more bold approach to faith because of their involvement in running Glenkirk Church’s Vacation Bible School.  We enlist about 300 Jr. and Sr. High students from our community to invest in the work that’s done on our campus each summer for VBS.

I’ve posted about what this looks like before…

Students go through over 20 hours of training in order to serve during the week of vbs.
Click HERE to read more.

We take any student who wants to work with kids and is willing to fill out an application.
Click HERE to read more.

Getting students involved in passing on their faith gives them a chance to own what they believe about who God is.  For some, serving on our campus for that week is a gateway into becoming a Christ follower.  For others, serving reminds them of why they decided to follow Jesus in the first place.  And, for a select few, God uses this experience to call students into the radical world of full-time ministry.

If your church isn’t giving Students a chance to serve, you’re robbing them of a chance to know Jesus more fully.

There’s more to be said on this subject, but apparently Southern California isn’t built for rain.  We’ve had a few days of downpours in a row and you’d think the world is ending.  Because of frequent power outages, I’ll wrap this post up here.  To read more about the Orange concept of Leveraging Influence, make sure you swing by Children’s Ministry Online throughout the day!


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