Collaborating (kind of): Michael Chanley

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Michael Chanley: Rising Tide

First Things First

I love Chanley’s story.  Every time I hear church services on the AM dial, I think of him.  Even though I’ve heard the story first hand, I love the fact that so many others in ministry are getting to read it for the first time.  Very cool.

Chanley’s chapter was the big set-up.  His words launch the thoughts that follow.  When I heard the buzz that Chanley was spear-heading this project… I knew it would be awesome.  Once he sets his mind to something, it happens.  I’m convinced that this guy can accomplish any goal he sets his eyes on.  Jesus is doing something special in and through Michael Chanley.  I’m stoked to get to watch what happens with his ministry and adventures like over the next few years.

Quick Take-Away

I’m digging the way that Chanley has refined his goal in the context of his ministry: to connect parents and families to Jesus and one another.

A current challenge of mine is to refine what we’re trying to accomplish in ministering to and partnering with children and families in our ministry context.  Chanley can communicate his goal in 10 words.  I take closer to 10 sentences.  I’m also loving his idea of helping parents move from being responders (what did you learn? did you have fun?) toward initiating faith conversations.

This post is 1 of many in a series.  I’m assuming that the contributing authors of Collaborate want to have a conversation with me.  You can read my open letter to them here.


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2 responses to “Collaborating (kind of): Michael Chanley

  1. Michael Chanley

    April 19, 2010 at 11:27 am

    I refuse to have an intelligent conversation with you… ha.

    With the exception of my grandma, I don’t think anyone has ever spoken/written such nice things about me. Thank you for the encouragement, brother.

    God is good. He definitely was behind this whole “Collaborate” project!

    You mentioned “connecting people to Jesus and one another.” That is our Church’s mission statement. Adopting it to my ministry was simply an act of submission to my leadership. I believe there is great value in knowing where your leadership is going and following them up the hill.

    Getting all mavericky makes for good tv (and politics apparently) … but, it’s a horrible way to grow your ministry.



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