Collaborating (kind of): Brad S. Tate

19 Apr


Brad S. Tate: The Big Idea

First Things First

Yard Balls.

Need I say more?

Well, if you haven’t read the book… then, maybe you should.  If, for no other reason, then to figure out if your ministry is as useless as yard balls.

Quick Take-Away

Brad! You’re introducing an idea that so many of us have tried, but we’ve gotten worn out in the process.

The idea of having one Big Idea that everyone talks about on a Sunday at their own level with appropriate application is awesome.  The reality of trying to pull it off becomes tiring if it’s not owned at the top of the chain.  Basically, if your Senior Pastor is pushing this idea, you’re golden.  If the student/children/family pastor has to start the conversation, there’s a good chance you’ll be trying to move a mountain.

I want to avoid yard ball ministry.  I want to align what families are learning on a Sunday.  I’m a fan of the language used here – there’s a clear “win” and I could totally sell a “Big Idea” concept to a family I meet at a grocery store.  This is starting to feel like a rant.  I apologize.  But I LOVE this concept so much that I get flustered – many of us reading this chapter will never be in a place where we can make this a reality.  Our Senior Pastors set the pace and the vision.

Great food for thought.

This post is 1 of many in a series.  I’m assuming that the contributing authors of Collaborate want to have a conversation with me.  You can read my open letter to them here.

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