On your mark, get set… #Orange10!

28 Apr

The Orange Conference begins today in Atlanta, GA.

Things that make this year different than last year:

  • I’m not living in someone’s basement for the week (seriously, though… Eric Echols is bomb-diggity for letting me crash at his place last year.  He’s a rockstar)
  • I’m not borrowing a local church’s “missionary car” to get around (instead, we’re renting a Dodge Charger.  Oh, and it’s GOLD.  Booyah)
  • I have a smart phone (This is a huge upgrade over last year.  I love my Droid… it’s going to change my entire conference experience)
  • I’m not traveling alone (Also a huge upgrade!  Our Student Ministries team, our church’s Senior Pastor and my Assistant Director all made the trip with me this year.  It might mean that this won’t be as adventurous as last year and that we have to stay in a hotel and rent a car.  But, having our team here ready to collaborate and network… priceless)

I’ll be trying to tackle a decently-sized chunk of people I want to meet in 2010 while I’m here.  If you’re at Orange and you know how to hook me up with Sue Miller or Phil Vischer… let me know.  I tracked Jim Wideman down myself (actually, he kind of helped me out there)… I need some help with the other two.

I’ll be updating throughout the week.

Wish us luck!


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