What Matters Now In Children’s Ministry: Free eBook!

17 May

Today, we introduce “What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry!”
The best thing about this eBook is that it is completely FREE!

Feel free to download the eBook here and distribute it to everyone you know. Use it as a conversation starter in your children’s ministries, your church staff and children’s ministry networks you are a part of.

I’m even more excited because this book isn’t just a resource for children’s ministry leaders!

In fact, you should read this book if you’re a…

  • Parent
    Leaders from across the nation who minister specifically to children have identified trends in this book that impact the way your kids are ministered to and cared for.  This matters to you.  Plus, this makes a great gift for your child’s Sunday school teacher or Children’s Pastor… and it fits every family’s budget: it’s free!
  • Educator
    Teachers and fellow educators have just as much to glean from this resource as those who work in the church.  Just because we’re serving kids in the arena of church and faith development doesn’t put us in some sort of holy vacuum.  Would you use the same words to describe what matters now in educating children?  You won’t know unless you download the eBook!
  • Youth Minister
    Hey, youth pastors!  Did you know that the kids who are currently in your church’s preschool will one day be in your youth group?  Crazy, right?  You should have a sense of what matters now in Children’s Ministry because it matters to you.  And… I know you don’t hang out with Children’s Ministry leaders.  So, download this FREE eBook instead.  Thank me later.
  • Senior Pastor
    I know you have a sermon to write.  You have phone calls to make.  You have a church to care for.  I get it.  What’s great is that we had your crazy schedule in mind when we wrote this book.  Each entry is about 200 words long and this is an easy resource to digest one bite at a time.  It’s my humble opinion that not enough Senior Pastors truly care about what’s going on in their children’s ministry programs… prove me wrong – check out this resource.
  • Friend of Mine
    Seriously, how often does one of your friends get published?  So… click this link, download the eBook, and tell your friends to do the same.  Seriously… it’s free.  You can’t beat that price.


I don’t want to give too much about the book away other than you need to download and read it. For those of you who will be tempted to use up your ink cartridges by printing out the eBook, there will be a print version available come June 14th.

I want to wrap up with a huge thanks to Imago for donating their time to design and set up both the eBook and the print versions! Please check them out and see if they can help your ministry.

One last thing… we’d love to hear your favorite quotes and thoughts. You can interact with others about the book on Facebook, Twitter (use #wmnkidmin as the hashtag), Kidology, CMConnect, and on the various blogs that are showing up.


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7 responses to “What Matters Now In Children’s Ministry: Free eBook!

  1. amyedolan

    May 17, 2010 at 8:42 am

    anthony! i love this blog post – what a great perspective! i showed the book my brother (a 5th grade public school teacher) and he was inspired to think how he could ask the same question to his colleagues. i love it, and can’t wait to see all that comes from this.

    thanks for your participation! so glad you were a part of this –


  2. Wayne Stocks

    May 17, 2010 at 9:08 am

    I loved your article on collaboration in the kidmin community. One of the things I have appreciated so much since I got involved with the online kidmin community is the willingness to help, share, and collaborate. I really need to get to some conferences so I can start to meet all of you in person. 🙂 Thanks again for your contribution to this great resource!


  3. Henry Zonio

    May 17, 2010 at 9:16 am


    You are awesome! I love your challenge to spread this beyond CM!!! I also really loved your contribution on building Kingdom rather than building castles. I appreciate you and am glad to be able to learn from you.



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