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Orange Week: Code Red

(if you were wondering what I want for Christmas, this robot alarm clock would be just fine)

In the world of Orange, Red is the color that represents families.

Red reminds us that the love of a family is one of the greatest influences in a child’s life.  My understanding of the Orange strategy, coupled with the influence of my friend, Gina McClain (currently @ Faith Promise Church), has led me to believe (with all of my heart) that what happens at home matters more than what happens at church.  With that in mind, one of our strategic plans for this year has been to equip and encourage parents and children to live out their faith at home alongside friends and family.

You are not alone

Our first step in trying to go Red this year was to connect families together.  As Henry Zonio (blogging @ Elemental CM) pointed out to me at the Idea Camp a couple years ago, the church often freaks parents out when it tells them that passing the faith on to their kids is up to them.  Parents, at one point or another in life, go through times when they feel like failures.  So, if you tell them that their kid’s decision to follow Jesus is all up to them… and they already feel like they’re in-over-their-head with “regular” parenting issues… parents will often disengage and stop trying to partner with you before they even start.  But, if you can show them that they’re not alone – that there are other parents going through the same struggles and trials – parents are more likely to join the team.  Tearing down the wall of “I’m a failure” begins with getting parents plugged into a community of failures… or, as I like to call us, parents.

Bringing families together

At Glenkirk Church, we started a new thing this year called our 1:1 events.  Well, I’ll be honest, we only call them that behind closed doors.  Instead, we’ve called them Father/Son Monster Truck Rally, Mother/Son BMX Stunt Show and Father/Daughter Bowling (our Mother/Daughter event is still yet to come).  What do Monster Trucks, BMX tricks, and Bowling have to do with each other?  The idea is simple: we’re giving families a chance to connect around shared experiences.  We’re investing in families by investing in the relationships that exist in the unique relationships that exist between parent and child.  We’re investing in families by investing in experiences that are shared with others in the community who have a common thread (one of the best ice breakers for a conversation between parents can be a quick conversation about daughters or sons… we see it all the time).

Sending families home

If connecting families is step one, then giving families an easy “1st win” at home is step two.

At the end of all of our family experiences (1:1 events, Kids’ Camp Wrap-Up Parties, Family Events, etc.), we hand parents a little tool we call a Table Talk.  Table Talks are designed to give families a question or two to discuss during the next meal that the family shares together.  Table Talks are usually quarter sheet take home pages… one side has 4-6 discussion questions (2 for the kids to ask the parents, 2 for parents to ask the kids and 1-2 to talk about together), and the other side has our line-up of 3 “next step” events (usually: our current sermon series, a discipleship event/program, our next family event).  By giving families something they can do at home that a) everyone else is doing and b) isn’t hard to do, we hope that we’re beginning to model my belief that what happens at home matters more than what happens at church.


Following along with the Orange Week conversation?  Get caught up by reading Kenny Conley’s ( post “What is Orange”.

Want to know more about our 1:1 events or other ways that our church is engaging families?  Comment below!

Check in tomorrow to see what “Going Red” has looked like for our church’s Sunday morning experiences…
(warning: we recently changed everything!)


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Orange Week TwentyX: The Launch

(by the way, am I the only one who doesn’t remember that Owen Wilson was in Armageddon…?)

Today is the official launch of Orange Week.  So… what is it?

Glad you asked!

Orange is…

A few years back, Orange began.  Well, not the color – of course.  The color orange has been around for at least a few decades.  What I mean to say is that the foundations of an orange strategy began to form.  The idea that two combined forces are greater than a single force became the foundation for a movement that continues to point toward a partnership between churches (represented by the color yellow) and families (represented by the color red).

You can read the brief (and semi-accurate) history of this movement HERE.

Orange is not…

When I first heard of Orange, I thought it was the blending of kidmin and student ministries – creating a seamless strategy to reach with the Gospel and teach kids about Jesus throughout their formational years.  That wasn’t quite it. Though part of the orange strategy deals with aligning the church’s teams to work together, that isn’t all that Orange is.

I’ve also heard voices in different ministry circles and tables I’ve sat around, that Orange is a dream… that it can’t be a reality.  Those voices are wrong.  Orange is more than just a dream – it’s happening.

So… what is Orange Week?

I am humbled to be a part of some of the conversations I find myself in these days.  Seriously… it’s kind of ridiculous.
A recent conversation happened via email and has led to this amazing roster of bloggers and ministry practitioners who want to share their experiences with Orange.  We’re calling the product of that conversation “Orange Week” – creative, right?  Orange Week is bigger than one church, or one ministry experience, or a dream that only exists on paper.  The series of posts that will be written on this blog and over a dozen others will share the trials, failures and victories of churches and Christ-followers who have realized the potential of partnering families with the church to do more than they could ever dream of doing on their own.

The schedule, across the board, will look a little something like this:

(by the way, I totally hijacked this list from Kenny Conley @

Tuesday, September 28th: Intro to the strategy/Red initiatives
Wednesday, September 29th: Red initiatives
Thursday, September 30th: Yellow initiatives
Friday, October 1st: Yellow initiatives
Saturday, October 2nd: Ideas that didn’t work
Sunday, October 3rd: Ideas we’re dreaming about
Monday, October 4th: Take-aways from past Orange Conferences
Tuesday, October 5th: Woo Hoo, Orange ‘11 registration is open!

You can follow along with the conversation on this blog, as well as the others who are a part of this project.

The roster, as it stands now, looks like this:


This should be a pretty awesome week… though, it’s not for the faint of heart (seriously, there are going to be a TON of posts this week… you’re going to want to revisit some of these posts over the next few weeks because you KNOW you’re going to be blurry-eyed by Friday).

Check back later today for the definition of a Red initiative and what they look like in our context.

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