Orange Week TwentyX: The Launch

28 Sep

(by the way, am I the only one who doesn’t remember that Owen Wilson was in Armageddon…?)

Today is the official launch of Orange Week.  So… what is it?

Glad you asked!

Orange is…

A few years back, Orange began.  Well, not the color – of course.  The color orange has been around for at least a few decades.  What I mean to say is that the foundations of an orange strategy began to form.  The idea that two combined forces are greater than a single force became the foundation for a movement that continues to point toward a partnership between churches (represented by the color yellow) and families (represented by the color red).

You can read the brief (and semi-accurate) history of this movement HERE.

Orange is not…

When I first heard of Orange, I thought it was the blending of kidmin and student ministries – creating a seamless strategy to reach with the Gospel and teach kids about Jesus throughout their formational years.  That wasn’t quite it. Though part of the orange strategy deals with aligning the church’s teams to work together, that isn’t all that Orange is.

I’ve also heard voices in different ministry circles and tables I’ve sat around, that Orange is a dream… that it can’t be a reality.  Those voices are wrong.  Orange is more than just a dream – it’s happening.

So… what is Orange Week?

I am humbled to be a part of some of the conversations I find myself in these days.  Seriously… it’s kind of ridiculous.
A recent conversation happened via email and has led to this amazing roster of bloggers and ministry practitioners who want to share their experiences with Orange.  We’re calling the product of that conversation “Orange Week” – creative, right?  Orange Week is bigger than one church, or one ministry experience, or a dream that only exists on paper.  The series of posts that will be written on this blog and over a dozen others will share the trials, failures and victories of churches and Christ-followers who have realized the potential of partnering families with the church to do more than they could ever dream of doing on their own.

The schedule, across the board, will look a little something like this:

(by the way, I totally hijacked this list from Kenny Conley @

Tuesday, September 28th: Intro to the strategy/Red initiatives
Wednesday, September 29th: Red initiatives
Thursday, September 30th: Yellow initiatives
Friday, October 1st: Yellow initiatives
Saturday, October 2nd: Ideas that didn’t work
Sunday, October 3rd: Ideas we’re dreaming about
Monday, October 4th: Take-aways from past Orange Conferences
Tuesday, October 5th: Woo Hoo, Orange ‘11 registration is open!

You can follow along with the conversation on this blog, as well as the others who are a part of this project.

The roster, as it stands now, looks like this:


This should be a pretty awesome week… though, it’s not for the faint of heart (seriously, there are going to be a TON of posts this week… you’re going to want to revisit some of these posts over the next few weeks because you KNOW you’re going to be blurry-eyed by Friday).

Check back later today for the definition of a Red initiative and what they look like in our context.

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