Orange Week: What Red Looks Like

29 Sep

(my favorite 3D view master reel growing up was a Transformers slide show.  thanks for asking!)

We’re still at the front end of Orange Week and plowing ahead with some practical looks at the Red side of Orange.
If you want a quick read of what it means to “see Red” check out this awesome post from Gina McClain: I See Red People.

Previously, I quickly referred to our church’s 1:1 Family Events that we’re trying this year as one of our Red Initiatives.  I received a number of DM’s through Twitter (a great way to get a hold of me, btw) and enough messages via email and Facebook that I thought I’d post a more in-depth look at our most recent 1:1 event.

Mother/Son BMX Stunt Show

I was sitting down with my friend and ministry assistant, Staci Travisano (@stacitrav), at the beginning of the year, dreaming about what events parents in our community would want to enjoy with their kids, when Staci informed me that the one event we had to do was a Mother/Son BMX Stunt Show.  One of the things I dig most about Staci is her knack for having a pulse on what is relevant to families in our community – so… the Stunt Show was inked in as our follow-up Family Event to this year’s VBS.  No questions asked (well… a couple questions.  But, that’s mostly because I have trust issues…).

In preparation for the event, here was the information we sent out to families who signed up in advance (we posted this on our church’s website and facebook page for extra publicity): EVENT INFO

The wins for our 1:1 events are simple.  We want to provide a space for parents to spend quality time with their kids.  We want to provide a space for families (churched AND unchurched) with shared interests and stories to connect with each other.  We want to provide tools that will facilitate a conversation that will happen at home.  We don’t want to lose a lot of money (okay… that one’s my bonus win.  but, it’s budget season and that’s where my head is.  just being honest).

Because she planned most of the event and LOVED the heck out of it (I’ll admit, it was one of the cooler things we’ve recently done as a ministry team), I asked Staci to recap the event for you.

Here are her words:

A little over a month ago, we hosted an event at our church that I was so humbled and proud to be a part of in so many ways.  For our Mother/Son event night our team produced a BMX stunt show with a Corn Dog catering truck – families even brought blankets and chairs for seating!  We planned to host the event on the first Friday that our schools would be back in session so that (a) family schedules would not yet be full and (b) daylight and weather would be optimal.

The result – rocktacular success!

The kids (most of whom measure entertainment on a Disney level since we live 30 minutes from the Disneyland Resort and our city hosts the X Games) in attendance were absolutely entertained and inspired by the legitimate world class performance of the BMX stunt team, while the parents marveled at the sheer joy of their children.

The idea was simple and reaped a harvest of rewards in the following ways.
(1) The event created a sense of community as moms compared notes about all things “back to school” and rasing boys. (2) this gave moms and sons a platform for creating memories (3) The stunt team performed their show on the patio,the same spot that leads to our worship center, which creates a sense of “this church is fun and let’s us be who we are!” (4) we were able to publicize fall programs and introduce staff from an exciting and non “church” manner to the unchurched families in attendance.

I look forward to our next event – Father/Daughter bowling on 10.10.10!  Check back for that recap on (or shortly after) October 11th!

Seriously, if you can’t tell, Staci LOVED this event.  And, the cool thing is, so did the other moms in attendance.  Personally, I loved lingering in the background during the event (I didn’t pick up the microphone once!) – watching moms connect with other moms, little guys (my own son included) in awe of the stunts being done in front of them, and seeing families reconnect after what was already a busy and stressful first week of school.  The event wasn’t crazy expensive for families ($10 for adults, $5 for kids) and we provided assistance and scholarships to families who are struggling financially.

All in all, it was a great event for Glenkirk and a great event for families in our community.  There are even a couple families who used this event as a gateway into life at our church.


Still have questions about our 1:1 events?  Want a PDF copy of the Table Talk we sent home with families?
Contact me – I’m more than willing to share!

twitter (@anthony_prince)
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