Orange Week: Orange Failing

05 Oct

(making something look Orange doesn’t automatically make it awesome… in fact, it makes some things a little terrifying)

Last spring, I wrote a series of articles about the importance of sharing ideas – even the ones that fail.  Our team’s biggest failure this year came as a result of trying to make something look “Orange” without actually going the distance when it came to actually partnering the church and local families.

You can read about that Epic Fail here:

You see, you can’t just expect that adding a parenting component, a kid’s activity, or hip language to an event makes the event Orange.  In fact, by doing that and not delivering, we risked throwing away momentum that we had built up in the arena of parent/church collaboration.

So, again, as I pointed out in THIS recent post, you should never just paint something Orange because it’s trendy.  If you’re going to make Orange shifts in your ministry – do it well and do it on purpose.

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