Pray for my friend, Sandy

17 Dec


Sandy is home!

Details here:


A personal request:

My friend, Sandy Boulware, is battling cancer.  This has been a hard week for her and today is looking to be extremely tough for the family. Her husband, Jon, posted this on his blog this morning…

Triage Unit

Sandy is very sick. (Please do not call the house, her cell, or text her.) (I know everyone means well, but it is adding to the stress and scarring the kids.) I will update everyone as best I can. We spent the entire day at the City of Hope Triage Unit (think ER) and she received another 3 hour hydration infusion, along with pain medication (for cramps) and anti nausea medication. They also ran a bunch of tests. She was released about 5:30 PM and we were home for no more than an hour before the COH called back and wanted me to bring her back in. A urine test completed just prior to us leaving indicated citical levels of glucose and ketones which could result in a diabetic coma or worse. She also had a fevor spike up on her. She is back in the unit and most likely spending the night there. She is scheduled for hydration infusions over the next 3 days here at the house. She is extremely dehydrated and can’t hold anything down. The chemo toxins need to be flushed out of her system. When people tell you that, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – don’t believe it.

I had been on staff at my current church for just a few weeks when one of my volunteers (and mother of 2 girls in our programs… now in 5th and 9th grades) was diagnosed with cancer.  It’s been a roller coaster of a journey over the last few years.  In that time, Sandy has become one of my favorite people and the Boulware family has been gracious enough to adopt me into their circle of friends.

Having lost my friend Steven** to cancer earlier this year, I selfishly don’t want another family I love to have to walk that same path.  Sandy’s story has been a journey of faith and a tale of a family who refuses to lose hope in following a God who heals.  You can read more of her story and journey here:

I know that posts on this page typically deal with kids’ ministry, but today I’m simply asking for prayers.

If you would take a few moments to pass on this request to your network, I would appreciate it.

We need a miracle today – and we have a God who is in the miracle business.

Here’s a picture of Sandy and her amazing family:

(Pictured from left to right: Jon, Michelle, Sandy, Rachel)

Thanks, friends.



** Steven was one of our kidmin volunteers and a close friend of mine.  I wrote about his battle with cancer here:

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