WCCM Top 10 Posts of Twenty10

29 Dec
This has been a whirlwind of a year in my life and in the life of our church.
It’s hard to believe that the year is already gone when I honestly can’t remember half of it.  For more on that, and to get a glimpse into the biggest hurdle that gets in the way of my writing, skip on down to number 5.
  1. What to do with a Brett Favre
    This oldie but a goodie from 2009 stays at the top of the list for 2010.  This series continues to top the charts and will probably continue to do so as long as Brett Favre is playing in the National Football League.  Does Brett Favre go to your church?  Is Brett Favre on your ministry team?  You may want to take a look at this series before you give an easy answer to those questions.
  2. The Bus Test
    Initially, the Bus Test started out as a joke between friends. It’s now a question that we ask before every event, large or small, to make sure that no one person is placing the full responsibility of an event on their shoulders.  And, it’s also the most read article on WCCM from 2010.  Feel free to share it with you friends or add your take on the test.
  3. Kids’ Worship: Starting Simple
    This series was featured by Children’s Ministry Magazine in their email newsletters and on their website (… so, it makes sense that the posts from that series dominate this year’s list.  And, to be honest, I’m totally okay with that because they’ve created discussion and conversations that reach outside of the average WCCM reader.  Specifically, this post talks about how and why we killed singing on Sunday mornings in an effort to re-teach our kids about worship.
  4. Kids’ Worship: Nothing is Better than Something
    This post walks through the 3 value statements that led me to killing off singing on Sunday mornings in our Elementary Ministry environments: 1) Relationships matter more than programs 2) Singing is not the same as Worship 3) Nothing is better than something.
  5. Top 10 Reasons I Want You on Staff
    Last May, our church’s director of Student Ministry resigned her position.  She left to take on a new role as the chaplain of an amazing private school in Los Angeles less than a month later.  So… for the last half of the year, I’ve been providing oversight for ministry to kids AND students AND their families.  We had nearly 100 applicants for the vacant position, many of whom read this post.  We’ve extended an offer to one of the top Youth Pastors in North America.  You might be wondering why I’m still doing two full time positions going into 2011 (as she reads this, my wife is nodding her head) – well, we’re waiting on Canada.  Immigration is a slow and tricky process… even if you have a job lined up and waiting for you across the border.  So, until they arrive, I’m relearning what it means to run an effective student ministry program and learning to have patience and trust God’s plan for our church.  Good times!
  6. Kids’ Worship: Where We Are
    This post gives a glimpse into where we’re at with kids’ worship at our church and the impact our shift has made on our camp experience as well as the massive VBS that we run in the summer.
  7. Kids’ Worship: The Church of Karaoke
    This was the hardest post in this series to write because I felt like I was stepping all over my volunteer’s toes.  I sent about a dozen drafts back and forth with leaders who were around during this transition to try to lessen the blow.  Even after all of the edits, one thing was clear, I had to keep this in there because THEY felt it too:
    “It was like watching bad karaoke… like when you’re at a karaoke bar and you hear your name called, even though you didn’t put your name on this list. You pretend to try to sing along because you feel like you have to… but everyone knows that you’d rather be anywhere else. On Sundays, our kids would rather be anywhere else while music was playing. And it broke my heart.”
  8. What Matters Now In Children’s Ministry: Free eBook!
    This year, we introduced “What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry!” The best thing about this eBook is that it is completely FREE! You can STILL download the eBook here and distribute it to everyone you know. Use it as a conversation starter in your children’s ministries, your church staff and children’s ministry networks you are a part of.
  9. New Website Launch: Kidmin Conference
    Here’s the cool thing about the upcoming Kidmin conference: Early-in-ministry-me or small-church-me or ministry-assistant-me would have some massive take-aways and “ah-ha” moments. Kidmin will be a choose-your-own-adventure of sorts – there are enough tracks and workshops to choose from that anyone who has a heart for serving kids and families in the Church will have options that apply to their world.
  10. Ideas in a Collaborative Community
    A series from the beginning of the year that, if you’re new to WCCM, you may have missed.  The big idea of this series: ideas, within a collaborative community, are best communicated when we toss the concepts of “good ideas” and “bad ideas” out the window.

What a year!  Was there a post that you remember that wasn’t in the top 10?  Do you have ideas for what topics should be covered in 2011?  Do you know someone in Immigration that can get our Canadian here sooner?!  Post your thoughts and comments below!


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5 responses to “WCCM Top 10 Posts of Twenty10

  1. Lisette

    December 29, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Well friend, you have a fabulous blog & I love what all has happened in your world & the world of Children’s Ministry! Glad you’re getting to learn about student ministry . . . although not this way!!! I hope one of your early blogs in 2011 is celebrating that #5 is DONE!
    Thanks for your ministry!


  2. Catherine Walker

    January 19, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    Just discovered your West Coast CM and the first issue I read was on Karaoke Worship. Then I dug around and read the other articles in the third week of Nov. I gasped out loud when I read that you decided to kill the singing. I do agree that some things need to be ended! Singing is not one of them! I wish I had a few hours to tell you our story of singing.
    The secret to a successful singing time with a room full of kids is two-ness. It is also having a fresh singable song to sing. My dear friend and co-laborer in Christ and I decided to plow this field of singing twenty years ago. What came out of this singing laboratory was the discovery that singing is the BEST way to learn and that you almost do not need to do anything else!
    People are coming for dinner and I do not have more time now, but I look forward to sharing more with you. In the mean time visit our site and listen to samples from our 8 cd’s. See what TWO can do!
    Much grace to you in all your labor! And yes, you do have the best job in the world!
    Catherine Walker


    • Anthony Prince

      February 7, 2011 at 10:00 pm

      I just received a copy of one of your cds in the mail – thanks for reading my blog and for serving the kingdom with your talents!

      I totally hear what you’re saying about not getting rid of singing in our programs. I don’t think that I’d suggest the same strategy to everyone else who might be facing the problems we had – it was a decision we reached with a ton of conversation and prayer behind it.

      All that said, I love that you have the conviction to voice a view that’s a little different than mine – thanks for your courage! I’m sure your voice represents many others who don’t quite want to put their comments out there in a public forum.


      • Catherine Walker

        February 7, 2011 at 10:53 pm


        You are welcome! Enjoy the CD! By the way, I DO agree with killing off the video karaokes. It is taking the easy way to use those. I think the content of the songs really matters. A video with a great singable song may be ok now and then but not all the time every time. It’s too limiting to just watch a screen.

        We generally do not use video, we do use an overhead projector with the words projected on the wall. Old school! Like I said earlier “two-ness” along with consistent prayer and preparation is the key. When two are standing up front leading the singing – it is so much easier. One takes the left side of the room and the other takes the right side. One can pick-up when the other is worn out or doesn’t have something to say. We finish each other’s sentences. It is so much less intimidating to handle half the room instead of the whole room. We have a great time doing rounds, counterpoints and who can sing the loudest or the fastest, etc. We bring the kids up to help lead. They always have great new ideas for how we can sing a song differently. We whisper sing, we sing as loud as we can, we sing fast, then slow, then fast and slow at the same time. There are so many things you can do with a song. And if it is a good song, with some Biblical truth, you can teach the lesson with it. They will remember a song much longer than a lecture. I have never heard kids talking about what they heard on Sunday in the sandbox. But I have heard countless reports of kids singing our songs while at play. That’s the paycheck – when it becomes their joy!

        Much grace to you!

        Catherine Walker



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