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06 Apr

I was born into a good family.  We’ve had our rough spots (some more rough than others… right mom and dad?), but my parents cared deeply about making sure that my sisters and I knew that we were loved.  There are a handful of hard times I remember from my childhood… yet, in good times and bad, I always knew that my parents wanted what was best for me.

However, if I were to try to write down those things that my parents felt were “best for me” growing up, I’d have to leave church off the list.  That isn’t because church is bad for kids, it just wasn’t a family value of ours.  Plain and simple.

Grandma Prince, however, felt differently.  From an early age, I remember my grandma praying for me and praying that I would choose to follow Jesus.  Every chance she had, she took me to church with her and made me go to Sunday School – all in hopes that I would follow her footsteps in the faith.

Fast forward to nearly 30 years later…

It was just a few weeks ago when I realized that Grandma Prince was turning 80 and that I had completely forgotten to put her birthday on my calendar.  Our entire family was gathering in Northern California to pull off a giant surprise party for her and I had just a handful of days to get in on the action.  A long story short… I rented a car and made a 900 mile (one day / round trip) drive to wish an amazing woman a happy birthday.  I posted tweets along the way to keep myself entertained on the painfully boring drive along I-5.  Those who follow me on Twitter can thank me later.

In the midst of the smiles and laughter that evening, my grandma pulled me aside and asked me to pray over our family.  In those brief moments, she taught me that I should be praying over them in the same way that she prayed over me.  She reminded me that I’m a part of her legacy.  She also made me cry… but, that’s just what happens when your 80 year old grandma tells you how proud she is of you.

It’s often easy to think of the Legacy we’re leaving… it takes a little more work to think of those who are having their legacies lived out in and through our lives.  So, here’s a homework project: write down the name of someone who has impacted your life.  Then, as a way to say thanks, write down how you’re a part of their legacy and post it somewhere.  Use the comments section below, use your own blog, post a note on facebook, write it on a piece of paper and put it on your fridge – do something with it as remember that you are someone’s legacy.

And, while your at it, write a thank you letter to your grandma – she probably prayed over you as well.

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One response to “Legacy | You are Someone’s Legacy

  1. Zack Grelling

    April 7, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    Homework: Russell D. Grelling [my dad]
    Great post! Talk about legacy . . . my Dad (along with Jesus Christ) made me who I am today. Both of my grandfathers were pastors and my Dad was/is a pastor too. So the fact that I’m a pastor today speaks volumes about legacy. Thing is, I never really thought I’d be a pastor. I thought I’d be a missionary. But, when the 4 of us [grandpa(s) and dad] get together, we LOVE talking about ministry! What a heritage! Thanks for the reminder to give God the glory as we recognize those who have prayed for us our entire lives. Well said, -ap!



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