my favorite things: #7 Cargo of Dreams

29 Apr

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It’s no surprise – I love my church.

But, bigger than that, I love the Church-at-Large when it has a mission.  Recently, our Senior Pastor ( reminded our church that it’s our mission to storm the gates of Hell to seek and save the lost.

(link to one of the best Palm Sunday sermons I’ve EVER heard)

I’m a real believer in the Gospel having real life implications now and that eternity isn’t a train that’s coming… it’s already upon us.  With that in mind, I get chills thinking about the work that can be done when God’s people rally in creative ways to give people hope in a lost and broken world.

An organization doing amazing things, that you may have never heard of, is called Cargo of Dreams.


When our pastor heard about Cargo of Dreams, he came running to our team and told us that we needed to find a way to get involved in the work they’re doing to bring the Gospel to lost and hurting people around the globe.

The basic premise is this:

  • Your church buys a giant cargo shipping container (pictured above).
  • Your church transforms that container into a ministry environment.
  • CofD then ships that building on a boat to the other side of the world to impact lives in the name of Jesus.

The project our church is a part of is a multi-phase initiative to build a preschool for kids in South Africa who currently gather under a large tree.  I know, I know… what kind of a preschool can meet in a container?!

A church in Salem, OR is building phase one… and it looks a little something like this:

Once we’ve finished phase 2, our container will be shipped to South Africa and placed across from the container that will already in place.  We’ll then send a team of families who will construct a roof to connect the two containers to create a fully operational preschool in a community that is aching to care for the little ones in their township.

Having a hard time seeing that picture in your mind?  Here’s a rough draft of what that might look like…

The church, when it cares about lost and hurting people, is an amazing testament to the love and hope that we have in our Savior.

Want to get involved or have questions about this AMAZING project?
Send me a message via the comments section and I’ll connect with you.

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