Songs about Jesus

23 Mar

Songs about Jesus

Essential words we need to say in church

A few weeks ago, the team that leads worship for our elementary-aged children on Sunday mornings had just wrapped up their set and closed in prayer when a child from our 2nd grade section called out, “When are we going to sing a song about Jesus?”

Though two of our songs that day came directly from the words of Jesus (Matthew 6:25-27 & Luke 9:23) and our third song was a song that sings of our God’s power, I had not been intentional about making sure that our kids (especially the short ones in the room) sang a song that specifically mentioned Jesus that morning.  I’ll get to why that is a big deal in a moment.

I believe that the words we speak and the songs we sing in our church’s worship services help create a reality for the community we worship alongside.  And, though I believe that statement, I sometimes forget how important it is to remember its truth each time I have the opportunity to lead from the front of the room – with adults or with children.

With that in mind, here are a few things I’m going to be super intentional about saying when I have a chance to speak in front of our church.  If there’s anything you’d add to the list, feel free to add on.

The Name of Jesus

I am convinced that this is what separates the Church from being just another neat place where people go and learn to be nice.  It’s a big deal that Jesus was a real person.  It’s an even bigger deal that he died for our sins.  It’s the biggest deal that he came back to life and that we can experience eternity in Heaven because of the gift of grace that his resurrection offers to us.  With that in mind, we should probably say the name of Jesus and sing songs that specifically remind us of his name – the Name by which we are to call to during life’s storms and the Name by which we pray.

Visitors are Welcome

It’s possible, believe it or not, for someone to feel unwelcome at your church.  In fact, one of the biggest obstacles that our churches face in getting a first time visitor to become a second time visitor is helping them feel welcomed and connected during their first visit.  I was recently speaking to a group of children’s directors and youth pastors when I suggested that they always take a moment to welcome first time visitors.  Afterwards, I had multiple people come up to me to tell me that they haven’t had first time visitors for over a year at their church.

I’d encourage you, much like I encouraged them, to begin talking about visitors before they are there.  If you intentionally begin talking about first time visitors and using words that express that everyone is welcome at your church, you’ll begin to teach your congregation that (a) church is a place for visitors and (b) they need to live into the reality that it’s their job to make your services a place where they can invite their friends who do not yet know who Jesus is.

You Matter

If I could encourage you to be intentional about the words you choose when speaking in front of children, teens or adults at church, I couldn’t end the conversation without talking about this next idea.  We live in a culture where fame and outward beauty are the bars by which we measure worth.  And those who try to measure up to that world and fall short question their own worth. It’s our job, as those who have the chance to speak words of truth to our churches, to make sure that we let others know that they matter – that God loves them and created them on purpose.

Make it a point, every time you gather, to speak of a world where God loves us deeply, where our community needs us and where we are valued… because that’s the world that exists and speaking of it gives others a little glimpse into what Heaven on Earth might look like.

These are the things that I’ll be making sure that we say in our church and in my ministries because I believe that they are true and I believe that it’s our role to say them regularly.  It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start.  Feel free to add on or ask questions below.


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6 responses to “Songs about Jesus

  1. Catherine Walker

    March 23, 2012 at 11:59 am


    What are you singing about if you aren’t singing about Jesus! Short of songs? Check out this new cd: Go Jesus! Go! The Serving Savior in the GO-spel of Mark. 27 new songs cover things Jesus did, things Jesus said and places Jesus went as he shepherded and served people in the gospel of Mark. Its not rock music – but it’s definitely Jesus music!

    Check out or to hear some examples.

    Sorry for the shameless plug – but this is a big need in the Body of Christ and the whole world! Much more singing with the kids about Jesus is desperately needed! Singing is the number one very best way to learn about Jesus! Often times the kids take the song home with them and keep singing it all week long. So much more awesome and eternal if Jesus is what the song is about! Sing more! Love Jesus more!

    Much grace to you!

    Mrs. Walker


    • Anthony Prince

      March 23, 2012 at 2:33 pm

      Shameless plugs are always allowed, Mrs. Walker 🙂

      I enjoy hearing new music and adding to the list of CD’s that I can suggest if a family is looking for new music to play as the drive around town.

      Out of curiosity, and because parents will ask me, what age of children would you say best engage with the music you produce? Go Jesus! Go! sounds great – keep up the good work, friend!



  2. New View From Here

    March 23, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Good stuff! Many blessings in your ministry!


  3. Catherine Walker

    March 23, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Good to know that the shameless plug is welcome Anthony, thanks!

    Originally when we started writing songs they were aimed at elementary school age kids. But it turns out that they are not the only ones who like them! We have heard from many many preschool mom’s that their children love the songs.

    For the most part the lyrics are not simple and we aren’t big on using gimmicks either…but the little ones love it just the same. Something besides silliness is attractive! The little folk are not aware of modern music genres so they are not put off by our home spun or old-fashioned tunes. They’re simple and open – their being is not cluttered.

    From a Facebook friend…
    “Instead of lying down and napping, my 2.5 year old twin girls are shouting “EZRA, NEHEMIAH, ESTHER, JOB, PSALMS, ECCLESIASTES!!” in their cribs. Thank you Bible Story Songs.”

    From a mom with younger kids…
    “Daniel Bible StorySongs were used in our summer Bible camp this year. Their favorite right now is “Daniel Hananiah Azariah Mishael.” Now I have to hit replay on Daniel track 3 in the car, and my son just sang it during dinner. Love it, especially when most people only know their Babylonian names.”

    One grateful mom told us about her cerebral palsy inflicted son who was not able to converse. She heard him singing aloud from memory the words to a Moses song as he was playing! Can’t explain that…but we believe the word of God is living and operative – it’s powerful and it’s able.
    Even those who can’t comprehend, like the little ones and the unfortunate ones CAN and DO appreciate listening to music about the Lord and the Bible.

    We know junior high and high school kids who grew up singing these songs that keep on listening and singing them along with their other music. Bible StorySongs is on their i-Pods!

    We have heard of college kids, post grad students and young couples leaving our cd’s in the players of their cars and singing them at the top of their lungs on the freeways.

    Recently a grad student told me that someone heard her BSS CD playing in the kitchen and said…”what IS that?” The student told her, “You haven’t heard this yet? You are going to love it!”

    One grandfather plays it for anyone who rides in his car…He says, “Listen to this” and turns it up loud. He loves it. A grandmother wrote to us and said she listens and sings all day long!

    I am especially encouraged when I hear young mothers tell us the songs help to keep their minds from worry or negative things. Wow – if our songs are a source of joy to the mom’s…there is a trickle down effect to the whole family!

    So they are for kids – and they are for whosoever will listen. If we are like little children and give them a chance, they will become some of your most treasured songs.

    On a serious and genuine note, we need help getting the word out about Bible StorySongs. We are just a couple of grannies and grandpas and marketing this is the mountain that needs moving!

    Thanks again for this opportunity to ramble on a bit about Bible StorySongs!

    Mrs. Walker


  4. Margie Beal

    March 24, 2012 at 8:36 am

    Anthony, I always love your postings.

    I remember hating to visit SS at a new church when I was a child. We now have two granddaughters who visit us about every 6 weeks and we take them to church with us. They always enjoy the experience, especially music time when you lead. You and the staff at Glenkirk have a great program and, as a grandparent, I thank you for your energy, creativity and love for children.

    God bless you and your family,


    • Anthony Prince

      March 24, 2012 at 8:41 am

      Thanks, Margie Beal!
      You just helped make my day 🙂




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