Post 200: Who saw THAT coming?!

05 Oct

Post 200 at West Coast CM

Revisiting the purpose and looking forward

A little over 3 years ago, as I began to really settle into my role at my current church, I started thinking concretely about collaboration.  I never intended on having a national voice in the area of children & family ministry and could have never dreamed that writing here would even give me traction in my local setting.

Yet, here we are, 200 posts in and coming off of a speaking gig at a national children’s ministry conference in Chicago.  Seriously, who saw THAT coming?!  I’m grateful for those of you who’ve been following along from the beginning.  And I’ll continue to welcome those who are checking things out for the first time today.

As I said when I launched this space (check out the original post HERE), I have a hope for churches on the West Coast to catch a vision of partnership and collaboration.  Through conversations initiated here, I’ve become collaborators with West Coast children’s ministers like Collie Coburn, Christiaan VandenHeuvel and Henry Zonio and have created friendships with over a dozen churches within 15 minutes of me (and, as much as I like saying that I know those first guys, the group who I connect with locally make my heart truly happy).

If you read this blog, and you’re in children’s ministry, I’d encourage you to start dialoging in the comments section, find me on twitter or connect with me on facebook.  If this space ever turns into an echo chamber, it’ll have lost its way.  Having your voice in the conversation will help this continue to be a space for collaboration and partnership moving forward.


Your partner in Christ,

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One response to “Post 200: Who saw THAT coming?!

  1. Jared M

    October 8, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Congrats on post 200 and your speaking gig. I love your stuff and it keeps me coming back every time there is a new post.



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