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Cheering for Each Other (The Land Between)

How many churches do you cheer for?

As I sit at the Orange Conference, listening to Jeff Manion from Ada Bible Church (Grand Rapids, MI), I feel like I’m listening to an older brother sharing his wisdom with me.  The crazy thing – I’ve never met Jeff.  However, I cheer for his ministry and his church every chance I get.

A few years ago, I met a dear friend of mine, Dan Scott (, at the Orange Conference.  As I spoke with Dan and shared hopes and dreams together, I began to understand that the Church is bigger than my church’s building.  I began regularly praying for and cheering for Ada Bible Church – though I’ve never been there and probably never will.

So, now, years later I find myself listening to Dan’s senior pastor and feeling like we’re family.  And, as Jeff speaks about The Land Between, I’m listening differently than when I hear other conference speakers.  It’s because I cheer for, and pray regularly for, his church and the lost people his ministry is reaching.

So, I’ll ask again – how many churches do you cheer for?

There’s someone out there in a Land Between – the land between where they’ve been and where God is calling them to move to.  What if God was calling you to reach out to and pray for someone who’s in that season?  Would your ministry look different if you began seeking out and cheering for others in ministry?  I’d like to think it would.

Praying for and connecting with other church leaders doesn’t require anything but a willing heart.  You could be a small town kidmin, you could be an amazing volunteer, a mom who doesn’t feel like she has it all figured out… God just wants you to be willing.

God is calling you to move.  It will change the way you do ministry.

Now, go – meet someone and start cheering them on.


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How to: Plan a Ministry Calendar (#orange11 precon)

Here’s the thing I love about the way Kenny Conley teaches – he remembers what it’s like to be in your chair. He balances tangible take-aways with big picture ideas.  He also writes about this stuff on his blog… so I know I can take a look at it later – which is awesome!

(in fact you can check stuff from today out over at

I’m not going to totally steal his whole talk and write it up here… instead, I’m going to write about the moments that stood out to me.  So, these are notes for me that I’ll be chewing on as I fly back to Los Angeles this weekend… feel free to listen in.

Before your first Date

Before you calendar, you need to name your vision, mission and values.

There are days when I’m afraid to ask my team what our vision, mission and values are… because I’m not sure they’re always aligned (though, right now, we’re moving in great directions).  And, when we can’t name that, there’s no way our calendar will allign.  Duh.

2 Brilliant Ideas

Aside from calendar “theory” – Kenny talked through a couple HUGE tips and tricks to calendar stuff that I’m using from here on out.  Have you ever thought about color coding your calendar?  Me too!  However, I never thought of using color coded post-it notes during our team’s rough draft phase of our calendar.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to cross out or erase things on a calendar as we draft our year… post-its will change my life once again!

One more brilliant idea Kenny shared struck me a little more personally.  When Kenny suggested that we let our spouses and family see our ministry calendar while it’s still in the draft phase… my heart broke a little bit.  I’m not sure why I’ve never thought of this… but, five years into being married in ministry, I’ve never shown my wife our ministry calendar until it’s set.  I’m a jerk.  And, if I’ve been one, I’m willing to bet someone else out there could have done the same thing.  So, let’s make a deal… let’s get our family in the loop when it comes to planning our ministry calendar, ok?  If you’re married, your spouse is a big deal – you should treat them like their year matters.

Thanks, Kenny.  This was an awesome breakout.

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Exploring Georgia: A Pre- #Orange11 Adventure

Today, I arrived in Atlanta before the sun made it here.  After smiling a ton at the lady working the Avis counter and saying yes’m about a thousand times, I drove away with an upgraded mid-size car that looks a little something like this:

As I drove away from the airport, I realized that I had over 9 hours to kill before I could check into my hotel.

So, I decided to explore everything that Georgia had to offer.

Which, of course, began with an expedition into the middle of nowhere to visit the Georgia Guidestones, led to a tireless search for wild alligators, brought me to a church cemetery/playground hybrid, turned into a journey to South Carolina and ended up next to a GIANT bulldog (only in Georgia)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m looking forward to connecting with other ministry leaders at Orange tomorrow.  If you’re going to be around, I’d love to connect.

You can check out what break outs I’ll be attending during the pre-conference here:

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On your mark, get set… #Orange10!

The Orange Conference begins today in Atlanta, GA.

Things that make this year different than last year:

  • I’m not living in someone’s basement for the week (seriously, though… Eric Echols is bomb-diggity for letting me crash at his place last year.  He’s a rockstar)
  • I’m not borrowing a local church’s “missionary car” to get around (instead, we’re renting a Dodge Charger.  Oh, and it’s GOLD.  Booyah)
  • I have a smart phone (This is a huge upgrade over last year.  I love my Droid… it’s going to change my entire conference experience)
  • I’m not traveling alone (Also a huge upgrade!  Our Student Ministries team, our church’s Senior Pastor and my Assistant Director all made the trip with me this year.  It might mean that this won’t be as adventurous as last year and that we have to stay in a hotel and rent a car.  But, having our team here ready to collaborate and network… priceless)

I’ll be trying to tackle a decently-sized chunk of people I want to meet in 2010 while I’m here.  If you’re at Orange and you know how to hook me up with Sue Miller or Phil Vischer… let me know.  I tracked Jim Wideman down myself (actually, he kind of helped me out there)… I need some help with the other two.

I’ll be updating throughout the week.

Wish us luck!


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