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Legacy | First Thoughts

Coming out of the Christmas season, our church took a look at leadership during a sermon series titled, “We Three Kings.”

The “three kings” we studied weren’t the kings we normally hear about around the holidays – instead, we looked at the leadership styles of the first three kings of Israel… Saul, David and Solomon.

As much as it was a study on leadership, it also gave us a chance to talk about the legacy we leave behind.  Saul is known as a king who put his own desires and timing in front of God’s.  That is his legacy.  David was a hero in victory and had some epic failures… all the while, he was a man after God’s own heart.  That is his legacy.  Solomon valued wisdom more than anything else, stock piling riches, wives and  power… and inevitably setting up the kingdom to be divided and conquered.  That is his legacy.

We all have a legacy we’re leaving behind.  In fact, we’re already the continuation of the lives of those who came before us.  The question I want to leave you with is this – who’s legacy are you proud to be a part of?

I’ll share my answer later this week.

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